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Hi there,

I have the same problem. They moved me on the 4th of October 2015.

Because they were not responding I starting to check this guys on internet and found this forum. They took USD 6000 from me and all my belongings. I had 200 kg by air to Mauritius and 14cbm to Kuwait. Now I am not in Thailand anymore.

I tried to contact them but they closed their e-mail address, website and telephone lines. Don't know what to do.

Same story, my contact was this Per Lauritsen and Angkana Natthanicha.

Any one had experience and managed to recover and how please let me know. Didier

Reason of review: company not responding.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Lost money and belongings.

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i am in the same position but I live in Thailand and am thinking of pursuing both names mentioned legally. I have setup the following email abscomplaints@gmail.com

please contact me privately for details of your issue

thank you



I am in exactly the same position... can anyone help?

ABS Relocations - International Moving Review from Bangkok, Krung Thep

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I was moving from Thailand to England. I paid ABS -Relocations 189,000baht.

They came to my house in Thailand, packed everything in a professional manner then left. I have not seen my property again and am unable to make contact with ABS. I have reported the matter to the police but they say ABS does not exist as a company. The website remains.

I have lost £50,000.00 worth of

property plus all my personal papers. I am not the first to have been robbed but would hope that Thai investigations are able to lock these thieves up.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Khlong Toei, Krung Thep, Thailand #1073161

hi everyone, i am in the same position as you and have created an email to reach out to all that share the same issues with this company: abscomplaints@gmail.com

I am in the process of collecting all details and statements to then bring to a law firm in Bangkok and see what can be done.

If you are interested please email me at above address


Falls Church, Virginia, United States #960988

Anonymous, ABS does exist as a company. Please contact me as soon as possible regarding your experience. gturoff@msn.com

to gturoff #979330

Hi, 20 boxes of my belongings from thailand to UK with ABS have not turned up after 3 months, like previous post have not been able to contact them phoned every number on there web site and sent over 20 emails.

I assume I will never see them again but still trying other avenues.

Regards George

to gturoff #1070581

same with me lost everything and cost of shipment us 7000

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Horrible movers - ABS Relocations

Not resolved

This is a warning for all those wishing to have ABS Relocations do your move. ABS Relocations is a Thai-Danish owned "company" that operates in Thailand.

I will also file a complaint to the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

In March 2013, I had a relatively small move from Bangkok, Thailand to California. The company insisted that money was transferred to their bank account before an appointment could be made. Despite this, the movers came on the scheduled day and packed up my things.

Because I had some electronic equipment that I did not want damaged over the month-long shipping to the US, I was advised to purchase all-coverage insurance from ABS. The problems: 1) my shipment was delayed for one month and the company did not notify me of this; 2) ABS still charged a further 17,000 Baht for 'special fee' due to something they explained as a shipment fee; 3) my information and paperwork was never properly forwarded to the receiving company in the US and so when the shipment finally arrived it was sitting in warehouse; 4) the receiving company charged me a further $700 to get my things out of customs - ABS did nothing to help with this process; 5) my internal components of my computer were damaged due to the 3 months sitting in a warehouse without proper humidity controls; 6) all my emails and phone calls went unanswered; 7) the all-coverage insurance policy did not exist, as I had inquired about the documentation and they could not provide it to me.

They just took my money.

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Arlington, Virginia, United States #1004325

For those of you who have still not received your belongings after dealing with ABS Relocations, please feel free to contact me via email. Four of us who have posted on this forum have been able to locate our shipments and get them released. You can reach me at gturoff@msn.com.


I not understand all the problems you write regarding abs. We used them on a 20foot container move to United States.

No problems what so ever. Absolutely brilliant. They were on time, quick, friendly and very careful.

everything arrived on time. They were worth every penny.

to Mrs. Reeve #930194

Mrs. Reeve, when did you use this company?

Your grammer resembles a Thai who is writing English. Perhaps an ABS employee trying to convince everyone that the company is legitimate when that no longer appears to be the case.

Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey #902733

I have the same issue right now, in July I contact them as my company was moving me to Istanbul from Thailand, now my goods arrived but the turkish agent has not being paid and my goods are stuck in storage when I did pay to dodor to door delivery..

they do not answer their phone anymore even the forwarder mr Suthas , and this Danish man Mr Per Lauritsen is really a fraud, be aware to all of them.

Also Mrs Angkana Natthanicha.


i have similar bad experience. ABS packed my house items and received all my payment and insurance payment.

I called them like 20 times every day and no one answer. I sent them email every day. The office address in the business card of the MD Per Lauritsen is the old house of the father of the manager (the wife?) Khun Ang Pinrapee Pinsuk. There is no office!

I am so helpless as ABS Per/Ang did not asnwer my call my emails.

No choice then I have to ask a friend who is a head police to visit them to understand the situation. I may need to follow up with Lawyer and legal actions.

Too bad in my situation that ABS has all my payment and household items. If they can do standard business practice I can be a happy customer and they can make proper business profit

to eric Lytham, Lancashire, United Kingdom #900271

I am experiencing a similar problem with ABS. You do not say in your comments whether or not you received your goods.

I would be interested to find out. I have just appointed lawyers to assist me.

to Anonymous #937557

I am also in the same boat with ABS. I don't even know where they hold my goods and they never answer the phone or reply to emails.

Its professional negligence at best. Have you had any joy with your lawyer ? We are just about to get the police onto them. My wife is Thai and we have good police contacts, also journalist friends willing to expose these frauds.

The strange thing is, if you ask for a quote as a new customer they will reply so they are still trying to scam people while not bothering with existing customers. Its scandalous and they need shutting down.

to Peter Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand #954312

Hello Peter.

No the Bangkok lawyer was useless. I am in Thailand now and visiting the police tomorrow. I would be very grateful for any information you have managed to find out.

My name is Roger rather than anonymous.

to Peter Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #954356

Roger & Peter, please get in touch with me right away regarding this company. I will be flying back to Thailand shortly to file criminal and civil charges against the company and its principles.

They picked up all of my possessions last July, and have not delivered any paperwork or possessions, and will not generally answer emails or phone calls.

I have additional information which may be useful and everyone who has been ripped off by this company which would help the police in prosecution. Please email me at gturoff@msn.com Thanks!

to Peter Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark #1004050

We have the SAME issue with these jokers. Went to the police, called the new station, filed consumer complaints.

Now I just want my stuff. Any idea how to get it back or if they even keep it of just sell it off or dump it.

My things have no monetary worth only baby items and family photos etc. I'm trying to find a lawyer now but someone who has dealt with these guys before and succeeded is a plus.

to eric Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey #902735

then did you finally get it sort it out ?' I am having same situation, we do not know what to do..



to eric Phuket, Phuket, Thailand #927006

Hi Eric

I am also interested to know if the problem was sorted out eventually. As I have established that ABS are complete useless...

but I am now concerned they are just ***-artists.



to eric Falls Church, Virginia, United States #930192


I am having the same problems with ABS. They picked up my possessions on 29 July in Pattaya and promised to send copies of paperwork.

I have sent numerous emails and have not gotten any reply. I have been told by Per that he is no longer with ABS after reaching him through his Line account.

I will soon be initiating a criminal investigation into the company and its principles since they have been totally unresponsive.

Eric, which police agency are you working with and lawyer? It would be good for those of us who have been victims of fraud and theft to coordinate our efforts with the police in this matter.


We also used ABS Relocations for our move from Thailand to Australia. No problem.

Good service, good staff and all items arrived in perfect condition. Can only recommend them.

Los Angeles, California, United States #769614

We used ABS from Thailand to United States. No problems here.

Good service, Professional packing, all paper work done and no problems at customs here in LA. We can only recommend them.

Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand #749474

We used Abs Relocations twice and both time it was a 40ft. container size.

Never had any problems with them. Everything went smooth and nothing was broken, not even a scratch. Friendly and professional staff. If you not used Abs Relocations in both ends, but another Company at destination, then you can´t blame Abs Relocations, even you hired them to do the job door to door.

My Family and I can only recommend Abs Relocations and their service.

Folsom, California, United States #700036

I also used ABS to California. They packed it up in April, 2013.

It is now August 14, 2013. I still don't have it.

They screwed up all the paperwork and customs won't release it until I supply more documentation. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!!

to KLU Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand #894675

Hi KLU.. did you get your items finally?

to KLU Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey #902737

please let us know the outcome, as I am in the same situation.

to carmen #935226

I am experiencing the same nightmare with these people. They collected my stuff to ship from Thailand to UK in October and now they do not answer phones or emails, yet they do reply to requests for a quote so they are there somewhere and clearly only interested in taking money with zero service once they get it.

As it stands they have my payment and my possessions and I have no idea where it is stored or how long it will take to ship.

I am utterly shocked by this company and the people involved are complete rogues.

Can anyone offer any advice on how to deal with this company ?

I've had no success whatsover. As I said it is just shocking how they conduct themselves.

to Peter Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark #1004051

any luck Peter?

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